Digital Object Theft in Online Gaming

Digital Society

By Amelia Leel1ver

After hours and hours of hard work you finally save up enough coins to buy black amour. Leaving the grand exchange, another player is offering to trim black amour for 30K. Thinking about the potential profit in this deal you make the exchange. After which the player logs off. Then it hits you… black amour can’t be trimmed! It was stolen, all your time and energy wasted, and there’s nothing you can do about it…

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A Story of Gaming Addiction

Great post that many gamers can resonate with. Game companies are making very addicting (and realistic) games, which is causing many kids to become invested from a young age. It’s unfortunate how many gaming teens, as well as those in their early twenties, have a hard time dealing with gaming addictions; sometimes not even recognizing the addiction. This is particularly true for those who are considered the elite or legends in their respective community. With positive encouragement, it’s pretty difficult for young children to stop behavior (gaming) that is so positively reinforcing.

Just to add a few points, let me know if you agree. I think gaming addictions are primarily caused by both game makers and gaming culture. For the game makers, it is in their interest to get children to heavily invest in their gaming franchises. For the case of online-games this means monthly fees and for console-games it means game-cards and future purchases in that game’s franchise. In my opinion, game makers design games with many achievements and tasks and make games have no end.

In MMORPGs and games with ranking systems, the gaming culture celebrates, fuels the addictions of those addicted. These game communities consider their top players their gaming idols and hero’s (in some extreme instances) even when the road to the top can only achieved by addiction and countless hours of mindless clicking (in the case of runescape). Furthermore, the social-component in many games today and the lack of social interaction in society further forwards these addictions in children of today.

that was intentional

Once Upon a Time

According to my parents, video games are the ultimate evil. They receive no mercy and have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. My dad used to have an SNES, which I played only a handful of times – once because it was my birthday. Sometime before second grade, it vanished. In second grade, my parents called the police because they thought I had been kidnapped. Actually, I had just been at my friend Patrick’s house playing Pokémon yellow and some snowboarding game (that was not SSX Tricky because that did not exist). In third grade, I resorted to playing a friend’s Game Boy in the bathroom. During class. I lost track of time, someone was sent to find me, and I lost fifteen minutes of my recess. Which was a big deal, because I never broke the rules.

I was deprived. Finally, I found a solution (read: loophole): my dad…

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Are you a ̶B̶o̶y̶ or a Girl?

Great post. I and others that I know have noticed the same phenomena in various games (particularly Runescape). I’m glad you acknowledge that there are indeed gender issues in the game towards the end of your post. It’s very interesting how some male and female players in this game are exploiting themselves in a role-playing game for in-game benefits. On Runescape, I have seen gender exploration and exploitation occurring since I can remember and is still occurring to this day.
What’s interesting about Runescape is that one of the “Quests” (entails completing several tasks to be considered complete) requires male characters to become female and female characters to become male. What’s even more interesting is that there is a shop on Runescape that allows any player to change gender in seconds (the cost of which used to cost 3000 game coins and now is free). Are the creators of runescape partly responsible for this common-place exploration and exploitation?
Lastly, it’s good to note that the gender-change Runescape “shop” was present on the game far prior to celebrities like Caitlin Jenner changing their gender. Was Jagex, the makers of Runescape, ahead of the times?


When a game asks what gender am I – I select female, even though I identify as a male. This is always the case in MMORPGs, and was for Runescape. A choice of gender presented as binary options doesn’t really represent gender, beyond the physical expression of movement and clothing (both of which appealed to me more in the female form). If I have difficulty relating to the gender choices in games imagine the challenge a transgender player would experience, or a female only presented with a male choice (NPR 2015). My choice of Female revealed two key relationships between my identity and the game: gender exploration, which leads on to gender exploitation.

The exploration aspect of choosing a female, is exactly that: I desire to play a female instead of a male. Games allow me to transfer myself into an avatar. Moore (2011) describes this as a “tranformation onto…

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Introduction: Meet me

Here goes nothing! Keeping the introduction informal.

My alias and my gaming username is/was Grand Sales. I am a retired runescape player who once loved to play the Massive-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) Runescape®. I am excited to begin my WordPress blogging journey and in this blog I hope to share with you my past experiences on Runescape and how those particularly shaped my world-view.

This blog isn’t just for those who play Runescape or for those whom once played it, but also for those curious on the positive impact some games can have on young minds. Although my joyous runescape journey has now ended, Runescape will always remain a part of me. I will always remember the lifelong acquaintances/friends (many of whom lived on the opposite side of the Atlantic) I made while I played a game that gave me countless hours of entertainment.
With love,

Grand Sales

PS: I will be posting at a minimum of once a week.

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